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Brain Connections was created to share information about how problem gambling affects the brain. 

When people have a problem with gambling, they often wonder about the impact on their brains. How has the brain changed? Are those changes permanent? How will it feel to quit or cut back on gambling? 

Brain Connections translates current research into understandable answers to these and other questions in handout and video formats.

What is this video about?

This short video is a cartoon featuring a brain character going through the phases of a gambling problem. Throughout the video, you will learn how the brain gets hooked on gambling and how its functioning can be hijacked. You will also learn about how the brain can change and balance can be restored if the gambling stops. This video is a great introduction to some of the key concepts in the handouts.

What are the handouts about?

In the handouts, you will find answers to five different questions about problem gambling. The handouts can be found under the handout tab.