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An Overview of Brain Connections

The Brain Connections project began in 2015 as a collaboration between Dr. Iris Balodis of the Peter Boris Centre (St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton) and Deirdre Querney of the City of Hamilton’s Alcohol, Drug & Gambling Services. 

The idea for the project arose from a need identified by problem gambling counsellors to have consistent, evidence-based answers to questions about the brain and problem gambling. The original clinical handouts were designed to help clinicians talk about the brain and problem gambling with clients seeking treatment. The project then evolved into creating even more accessible information in the forms of a short video and BE Brief! (quick answers to commonly-asked questions about gambling and the brain).  

Brain Connections has been funded by the Gambling Research Exchange of Ontario (GREO). 

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Iris Balodis, PhD

Assistant Professor,

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences
Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research, DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University

100 West 5th Street
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8N 3K7

tel: (905) 522-1155, ext. 39703
email: balodisi@mcmaster.ca

Deirdre Querney, MSW

Registered Social Worker and

Certified Problem Gambling Counsellor

Alcohol, Drug & Gambling Services
City of Hamilton, Public Health Services

21 Hunter Street East, 3rd floor
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

tel: 905-546-3606
email: deirdre.querney@hamilton.ca

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