BE Brief! provides straightforward, evidence-based answers to these frequently-asked questions: 

  1. Why can’t I stop gambling?
  2. What slot machine features keep me playing?
  3. I’m having gambling urges. Should I be worried?
  4. How can gambling affect my mood?
  5. My loved one is gambling. Why can’t they stop?

How Can BE Brief! Information Be Used?

There are many benefits to understanding how the brain is affected by problem gambling. This information can:

  • Be comforting to people who feel like their brains are on ‘autopilot’ 
  • Help prevent relapses. Be Brief! covers ideas about substitutions and high-risk situations that lead to strong urges
  • Educate people about how addiction alters the brain
  • Make it easier to understand this complex problem 
  • Inspire confidence because BE Brief! is evidence-based 
  • Give hope that change is possible

Where Is There More Information On Problem Gambling?

If you are looking for more information about problem gambling, please visit